Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lost S4 Finale...Coming Up!

I'm anxiously awaiting the finale. I usually crave spoilers pretty badly, but I've been in a spoiler blackout period since after Cabin Fever. (This is normal; I usually back off from spoilers close to a finale.)

In preparation for the finale, I have prepared a tome of random thoughts about the episodes up through There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 (the pre-finale episode). However, since they contain spoilers, I have placed the post in the comments.

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CrystallinEntity said...

Lost Spoilers Ahoy! This discusses episodes through There's No Place Like Home, Part 1, but I have NOT read spoilers about the finale.

So, on the freighter, not only are only 2 of the O6 on it (Sun and Aaron), but there are several other crash survivors who are NOT part of the O6. Presumably something terrible is going to happen...possibly involving those explosives that Desmond found. :( (I hope they don't kill Desmond!)

I wonder if Kate's keeping Aaron is part of an Island-centric plan, or if the other survivors want to stay close to Aaron, given everything that everyone went through. I am guessing that it is part of a plan. However, in terms of the timeline, Kate's "pregnancy" is a problem. They are pretending that Kate was about 6 months pregnant when the crash occurred, and that Aaron survived being born 3 months premature on a deserted island? Obviously, a trip to the doctor can confirm whether Kate really is Aaron's mother. Granted, the O6 are lying about a lot of stuff, but even so, that is an awfully big lie that could very easily be uncovered. I guess Kate will claim that she wasn't showing (I actually did know someone who hardly showed through her 6th month, although she was a lot less petite than Kate), and that she never told federal agent Mars about her supposed pregnancy.

Supposedly, the answer to who is in the coffin will be revealed in the finale. Michael and Ben are the leading candidates. Michael makes sense, because he's been suicidal. Someday, the Island will be done with him, and he'll probably kill himself. I have a hard time believing that Ben would cause Jack to cry upon finding out he's dead, but if Jack desperately wants to get back to the Island and then finds out Ben is dead, he might think he's lost his way back.

The big twist for the finale is being code-named "The Frozen Donkey Wheel". I wonder what it will be. My lame prediction is that the flashforward takes place on-Island, shortly after the Island is moved and/or the O6 leave.

Finally (nearly), I have a hypothesis about the polar bears.:D In The Shape of Things to Come, we see Ben in the desert wearing a parka, and the parka appears to have powdery white stuff on it. (See a screencap here -- it's the first one on the page.) Fan theories suggest that it's snow or ice. According to the Lostpedia, the logo on the parka is the Orchid logo. Let's suppose for a moment that the Orchid can move objects through time and/or space. (That's another popular fan theory.) In the original Stargate movie, people passing through the Gate come out with a bit of snow/ice on them. (The TV show did this for a while but then abandoned it.) In Back to the Future, the DeLorean gets covered with ice when it time travels. So the concept of space and/or time travel causing objects to get cold isn't foreign to scifi. If DHARMA had been experimenting on space and/or time travel, and if they were ready to experiment on live subjects, in particular mammals, then polar bears were reasonable test subjects, as they can withstand very cold environments. (Testing on large mammals would be important in preparation for testing on humans.) Also, remember in Charlotte's flashback in Confirmed Dead, she encounters a polar bear with a DHARMA collar in the desert. (Granted, the collar is a Hydra collar, not an Orchid one.)

(Hmm... On second thought, the powdery white stuff on Ben's jacket could be be jacket stuffing (Ben also appears injured), but that's less interesting. :) )

As an aside, I've resigned myself to the thought that not all of the questions on the show will be answered. For example, something that's always bothered me is why The Others were so cruel to the crash survivors, such as kidnapping them, frightening them, etc. I assume I won't get a satisfactory answer. My best explanation (so far) is twofold: (1) they were afraid that if the survivors found out about the modern facilities on the Island, they would eventually contact the outside world, which would risk exposing the Island. Therefore, the best way to keep the Island secret was to make the crash survivors think they really were on a deserted island. (2) The kidnappings are explained by The Others being extremely particular about who is introduced into their society: children and "good" adults (or perhaps useful adults?).

What the point was of The Others holding Kate and Sawyer in cages and making them do physical try to get Kate and Sawyer emotionally attached to each other, so that they would sleep together, and then Kate might get pregnant? *Shrug*

I also wonder about the characters who didn't survive the crash. Were they fated to die in the plane crash? Were they fated to be on the flight, but rolled a 1 (heh) and didn't survive the crash? Were they in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Don't get me wrong. Even if there end up being plot holes large enough for an aircraft carrier, this show is still exciting. I do have a feeling that it will end up being more about the ride than the destination.