Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rush on The Colbert Report!

Rush were on The Colbert Report last night! That's right - my favorite band was on one of my favorite shows! It was almost too awesome to stand.

"The band Rush is here! Either that, or a drum factory exploded in my studio." LOL.

Click here for the full episode in the "full episode viewer" (which is nicer than the embedded viewer). I recomend watching the whole episode, rather than skipping to the interview and performance. There are little Rush tidbits scattered throughout the episode.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Outlook hatred #3

You click Reply. You type some stuff. You click Save, to complete your draft another time. You close your unsent message. Outlook labels the original message -- the one you haven't yet sent your reply to -- as, "You replied on [date and time you clicked Save]." But you haven't actually clicked Send yet!

You go into your Drafts folder. You delete the draft. Outlook still labels your message as, "You replied on [date and time you clicked Save]," even though you not only never replied, but you have even deleted your unset response!

I can only imagine the misunderstandings this causes. "You never replied to my message!" "But I did reply! It says I replied!!"